Where Digital Goes

Where Digital Goes is a new kind of social media marketing agency - smart, savvy and switched on. Margo Mulvihill is the driving force behind Savvy Social Media and collaborates with B2B brands through WDG. 


Brand strategy, messaging, visual identity and guidelines.


Where Digital Goes



Are & Be helped Where Digital Goes refine the strategy and messaging, making sure the positioning supported the theme of thought leadership. We then moved to the brand articulation phase, developing a range of conceptual, visual and verbal directions to discuss.

Where Digital Goes is all about useful social media marketing advice. So, the creative idea was to use the construct 'Where _____ Goes', swapping the word Digital for key tips and insights about audiences. This gave WDG a flexible messaging and visual framework to show their expertise across channels and sectors.

Early concepts

Margo and Where Digital Goes were delighted by the fresh and flexible brand identity we created along with the clever copy. Next stage is the website and getting it all out on social. 

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