Ramsey Dental

Ramsey Dental Surgery is a long-standing family business. They were looking to offer a new service to a new audience and so required a fresh brand and customer experience that portrayed a future-facing dental practice.


Brand identity, messaging, guidelines & website


Ramsey Dental Surgery



Are & Be worked closely with the owner Rachel Pennington and her partner to work through the brand strategy. We defined the brand direction with an aim to be progressive without alienating existing patients and customers.

We created three distinctive visual directions alongside some added value campaign thoughts. We eventually landed on a friendly, patient-centred approach which packed personality but kept the high-quality air about it. We created the full brand kit, brand guidelines and the website.

Early concepts

Rachel and her team were delighted with the result. The new brand gave them the confidence to launch their new private dental service and attract a host of new patients and convert well-rooted existing patients too.

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