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A creative studio where design meets direction and ideas emerge. Inspiring good design that is good for business. Based in beautiful Cambridge we're a new independent studio, backed-up with over 18 years of big-agency experience. We simply want to do good creative work for like-minded local and global businesses. Built on true collaboration, honest relationships, and a shared goal


If you want to discuss where you are and where you want to be with your project, have a chat with our Founder and Creative Director, Rajen Mistry.

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Some samples of work were created  by Rajen Mistry whilst at Omobono Ltd.

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We understand that sometimes you just need a little direction, right? Where to go next? What new ideas will delight our customers? How should our brand look and behave? And why should anyone care? 


We know good design is good for business and good design is more than just looks. It's about how people connect and feel–making things simple and businesses useful. Sometimes, it's just about putting smiles on faces.

How we can help


We thrive on solving challenges and creating elegant customer experiences that change the way people think and feel about a brand or business.  Whether that's a digital experience or a beautiful piece of print.

  • Brand identity design

  • Interaction design

  • User experience design

  • Digital product design

  • Website & mobile design

  • Social media design

  • Graphic design

  • Print design


We collaborate with your team to provide inspiration and creative direction. We advise and see things from new perspectives, discovering useful new opportunities.  We like to get to know you and your customer.

  • Ideas & concepts

  • Creative direction

  • Art direction

  • Creative strategy

  • Brand strategy

  • Film and video concepts

  • Campaigns

“I had the pleasure of working with Raj as he guided us through a global rebrand - including everything apart from our name and logo. The process was a monster task but ran incredibly smoothly and Raj was a calming presence creatively (opening our ways of thinking along the way)"

Josh Downs, Marketing Manager, Privitar

"Raj has that rare talent of being able to offer strategic advice to a brief (we were talking internal video and social soundbites at the time) with great creative leadership - pragmatic enough to know we all have a budget! He's not a bad bloke to hang out with either. "

Cheryl Martin, Communications Manager (interim), AstraZeneca

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